The 360fit Diet Rules

Diet Vegetables

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make diet rules simple. There are a million diets our there and many of them are total junk. Drinking only juice, drinking only lemon juice, eating only raw food etc. Most of them are just ways to catch people so they will buy the book or the DVD. They don’t really help you.

But this week in a moment of inspiration while making my kids supper I came up with a simple rules to follow which work well and are easy to remember. Just think of 360.

3 – The minimum number of liters of water you need to drink each day. This is important so your body can flush fat and run at it’s best. Think of it as oil for you car, but in your body.

6 – The number of small meals you should eat everyday. This helps to keep your blood sugars stable and you healthy and shedding fat while storing muscle.

0 – The number of grams of starchy carbs you should eat after 3pm. It’s an easy one. If you eat starchy carbs later in the day when you can’t burn them off you’ll get fat. Period.

So just remember 360. 3L of water, 6 small meals, 0 starchy carbs past 3pm.

So there you are. Three simple rules to follow to eat well and feel your best. Good luck!

Devin Sherrington is a master personal trainer and owner of 360fit in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.