Terra’s Fitness Story

I wanted to send a quick note to say a HUGE thank you to the staff at 360fit!  Here’s why…

In February of 2011 I got engaged!  I knew I’d found Mr Right – he asked me to marry him while I was at my biggest – or so I thought.  In the 6 months of engagement that followed, I managed to add another 10 lbs to my weight – bringing me to an all time high just around the same time I started looking for THE dress.  So, it was at my biggest ever that I bought my wedding dress.  When the salesperson explained that I was just between sizes and could either: 1. Buy smaller and loose a few pounds, or 2. Buy bigger just in case – I gladly bought bigger just in case!

I knew I had a whole year before the wedding, and I admittedly paid no attention to the holiday treats or valentines sweets I ate along the way.  In fact, when my dress arrived, the dress I’d ordered ‘a little big’ seemed to fit me to a T.

In Mid March, Devin came into my workplace to give a lunch’n’learn chat about healthy eating and exercise.  We were in the midst of a workplace ‘biggest loser’ challenge and unlike everyone else, I was gaining instead of losing! After Devin’s presentation, I was motivated!  Together with a colleague, I decided to give it a try and joined 360fit.  After just 3 months of encouragement, advice, sweat and maybe even a few tears, it was time for my first fitting.  My dress was WAY TOO BIG!  In fact, by the time the big day rolled around (4 months after I started my 360fit journey), the tailor had to make major structural changes to the dress just to get it to fit me!  I’d lost more than 3 dress sizes, 17 cms off my waist alone, and more than 15 lbs!

I cannot thank you enough, 360fit!  I know it was my hard work and determination that got me there.  Still, I got the extra incentive I needed from each of YOU!  From nutrition tips (yes, I am eating more), to pointers on my form (I can actually do push-ups – and do them while spinning), and of course positive words of encouragement or some days an extra push (I know I’m only cheating myself), the staff AND other members of 360fit helped me make a real lifestyle change – one I not only needed, but one I know I can sustain in the months and years to come!

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