Take a Break by Devin Sherringon – 360fit

I love working out. I love the feeling of sweating, being tired, feeling the muscles burn. All that stuff, and sometimes I have to force myself to take time off so I won’t over train.

Training hard four or five days a week is great for everyone, but it also is hard on your body. It pushes you to the limits and makes your body repair itself almost every day. While that is good for getting in better shape, too much is a bad thing. That’s when you start over training.

You can tell if you’re over training because you get tired easily, crave junk or fatty foods, can’t sleep well and just don’t feel like you have any pop left. As soon as that happens, take four to six days off.

Now when you’re in a groove it can be hard to do that, but you’re doing what is best for your body. You’ll feel a little weird about it at first but it will come together fast and in a few days you’ll feel like yourself again.

I usually force myself to take time off every 12 weeks whether I feel over trained or not. It just helps my body to recover and feel better.

So try a little down time and you’ll be amazed how much better shape you can get in.

Devin Sherrington is a master personal trainer and owner of 360fit in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He lives in Fletcher’s Lake with his children Reign and Journey.