No Excuses by Peter Courtney

Now before I begin, if you are already committed to a regular exercise routine, go away! Seriously, stop reading and go workout!
Ok, do you want to get in shape (and stay in shape)? If your answer is “yes”, please read on. If your answer is “No”, then you can go away as well, but please have a nice day! J
(Hopefully there are still people reading this J)
Next, I have a few questions; 1) Have you been thinking about this for a while?  2) Are you considering joining a gym or fitness club?  3) Do you have a goal in mind?
If you answered “yes” to any of the above…the only other questions is…what’s stopping you from moving forward?
But, before you answer, take a minute and ask yourself this “Is my answer legitimate, or is it an EXCUSE?” In this context an excuse is a knee jerk reaction that serves as justification for NOT doing something, it’s almost reflexive!  Not to be rude, but it’s a copout.
We all know what they say, that excuses are like……ok, I won’t go there even though everybody reading this knows what I meant. When it comes to starting a fitness program or joining a fitness club there are more excuses than there are Kardashians in the tabloids!! Do any of these sound familiar?
1      I haven’t got the time: There are 24 hours in a day and you only require 1 hour to get a GOOD workout. Even if you factor in 8 hours for sleep and 8 hours (conservatively) for work, that still leaves 8 hours in which to MAKE time. The reality is, not having time is a choice; you choose to do something else with that time.
2     It’s not in the budget:  How much of a priority is your health? Most monthly memberships cost about the same as a night out for dinner…or 2 cases of beer. What you spend your hard earned money on is also a choice, why not invest it in your health and wellness.
3      I need to sort out my nutrition/life/work first: I am sure you do need to sort out those things. But why first? If you haven’t done so by now, what is going to change to enable you to do so? There’s never a perfect time. Take the first step.
4     I always end up quitting: The easiest way to keep on track, is to set small attainable, frequent goals. Tell yourself that your goal for the week is to attend at least 2 classes, then pat yourself on the back when you go to 3 classes.
5    I’m not fit/strong/good enough yet: Are you friggin kidding me?!?!? By who’s definition?  Look, I understand brushing you teeth before the dentist, but you go to a gym/fitness class to get fit…you DO NOT get fit to go to a gym/fitness class. By this rationale, when will you ever be ready?
Be honest with yourself about what you REALLY want, if it’s important you will find the money (try out earning with casino games without internet) and you will make the time. Ask yourself, what your largest barrier is to taking action RIGHT NOW, whether it’s mental, physical, or a combination of the two.
You and you alone control your destiny, stop waiting for things to fall neatly into place and “go for it”! Make today the beginning of an exciting and rewarding journey!! Be well and stay awesome!!!
Peter Courtney is the Director of Sales with 360fit in Dartmouth Nova Scotia.