Gym Membership – Good investment?

Less than 10% of all gym members use the gym. Amazing but true.

It works out great for the conventional gym owner. They make all of their money from the people that give up. Bridget Jones said it best, “Gym visits 0, number of gym visits so far this year 1, cost of gym membership per year 370 pounds.”

If everyone who had a gym membership actually went to the gym, it would create mass chaos. Conventional gym owners over sell the space because they know that people will not go. If everyone showed up, the gym would have to shut down.

Why is this?

It’s a lack of support. A conventional gym membership  all sounds so great when you go in to buy your membership. They make it seem like you’ll be part of a family… supported, motivated and guided.

Unfortunately, after you’ve signed your contract they show you around and then leave you to fend for yourself. There’s no one there to walk you through a properly designed individual program. No one to ask if your form is right or if your even using the machines properly. No one is standing by you motivating you and telling you how great you’re doing. All of that is extra.

When I first started working in gyms there was always someone on the floor to answer questions and give advice. Those days are long gone. If you have a question at the gym, hire a trainer…you can get your question answered within 3 to 4 weeks. So people give up. They get frustrated and go home, crack open a bag of chips and decide to wait until next month.

My advice is twofold for people who have this going on.

1. Hire a personal fitness trainer and get help. You don’t fix your car on your own and hiring a personal trainer will help you get where you want to go. Yes it’s more money, but it’s a lot more to have a membership you never use.

2. Join a gym or fitness studio which offers classes where you will be with a trainer every time you come in the door. Again they are more expensive, but if someone is there telling you what to do, and pushing you to work hard, you will get more from the time you spend in the gym. Hey you want to get in shape right? Why not pay a little more and really get in shape?

Either of these options will help you get to the shape you want to be in and help you reach your fitness goals. And in the end it really all comes down to getting healthy and fit.

Devin Sherrington