Go by Your Clothes to Measure Fitness Results

Want to know a secret about what kind of shape you’re in? Go by your clothes.

I know it sounds simple but it’s true. A scale will lie to you. You can gain muscle, lose fat and be the same weight even though you’re much smaller. But the scale will tell you nothing has changed.

In fact if you could weigh less and look the same, or weigh what you weigh now and look exactly like you want to look, no one would every choose less weight would they?

Body fat testing can work but calipers are pretty evasive. You have to have someone else grab your skin and pinch it. Not always something you want to do.

And body fat scale isn’t great since just about anything can make them read wrong, including coffee, how much you’ve eaten, had to drink etc.

But your clothes won’t lie to you. They are the same size they were two weeks ago and they will be the same size two weeks from now. So if you’re exercising and your clothes are looser, you’re going in the right direction. If you have to by new clothes so much the better. No matter what, they will always let you know where you are.

So don’t get stressed over numbers. They are only a measuring stick and not a great one. Use your clothes or a measuring tape to see the real changes in your body.

-Devin Sherrington