Garmin GPS by Devin Sherrington

One of my favorite pieces of fitness gear is my Garmin GPS watch.

Now I am a bit of a tech junkie but this one has to be the coolest things ever!. It has a huge number of options but the basic ones are the coolest.

You start the timer, run your route and the stop it when you’re done. Then you plug it into your computer and see you top speed, average speed, top and average heart rate, how many hills you climbed, what your pace was, and exactly how far you ran. Plus you can look while your running and see how far you have come, your pace, etc.

But that’s not the coolest part!

Once you’ve set up some of your courses (it shows you a GPS map of the course on the watch and the computer after you’ve run it) then you can choose trainer option and complete against yourself from the last time you ran, all in real time. You see you’re in front, or behind your last pace, right down to the meter. No more remembering land marks and times.

This watch is about the coolest thing for exercisers, and it gets better. It also lets you do the same thing if you are biking too, so you can track all of the bike rides you been on.

The only possible draw back I can see is that I may give myself a heart attack trying to beat my old time and pace! So if you see me in Fall River running, looking like I’m about to die from the pace, that Garmin is the reason why!

I got mine at Costco.

Have fun tracking your runs!

Devin Sherrington is an award winning master personal trainer and owner of 360fit in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He lives in Fletcher’s Lake with his children Reign and Journey.