Fitness, just like a job

Sometimes we over think getting healthy and fit. We think about how there are so many things in the way job, kids, spouse, house, cleaning etc. But when you think about it eating right and fitness isn’t hard. It’s just like your job.

You won’t quit your job because you’re bored and you won’t not bother showing up because you’re a little tired. But people use those excuses all the time when it comes to fitness. And the funny thing is, your job gives you all the skills you need to be healthy and fit.

At your job you have to get your work done within deadlines, be on time, not skip days for no reason, multitask etc. And every one of those things lends it self to fitness.

If a client calls you at work and it’s important you stop everything and answer the call. Same thing goes for healthy eating. When it’s time to eat, don’t skip it. Go eat your snack. The ten minutes it takes will make you work better for the rest of the day.

And let’s get down to it, you’re the most important person you have, and if you’re not healthy you’ve got nothing.

So if you want to be fit, plan for just like you would for work. Build it into your day. Build healthy food into your day. Build enough sleep into your night. If you plan for it fitness can be easy.

Use the skills you have learned and use everyday at work, and apply them to fitness. You’ll be amazed if you think of it in a different light. It will come easily. And you won’t find yourself trying to figure out how to fit it in anymore.