Fitness Classes Halifax by Devin Sherrington

Halifax, Nova Scotia offers wide range of health, exercise and fitness options for every type of consumer. With so many options it can be hard to decide on where to do to look for exercise and fitness answers if you are looking for group fitness classes.

Here are the some of the fitness class options in Halifax:

Evolve Fitness

Owner and operated Saint Francis Xavier grads by Matt and  Mitchell Benvie, offers boot camps at a cost which begins at $148.35 a month and up.

Goodlife Fitness

With numerous locations over Halifax, Goodlife Fitness offers cheap base memberships if you want to go in and train on your own. If you’re looking for a boot camp or TRX classes though, the costs run between $199.00 and $299.00 per six weeks, which means you are looking at more $180.00 per month  if you want specialty classes.

Cyclone Halifax

With numerous classes Cyclone Halifax costs around $70.00 per month, Cyclone is the only spin only fitness studio in Halifax.
Push Fitness

Owned by Kris Andrews Push Fitness Push Fitness group training rate is $350.00 with an option to add and extra two classes a week for an extra $170.00. Located in downtown Halifax Push caters to clients who live and work in the Halifax Core.

Crossfit Halifax

Aiming at funcational training with no machines Crossfit offers 23 fitness classes a week at a cost of $100.00 per month. Crossfit is different than other gyms as the trainers allow you to work largely on your own after giving you the workout of the day (WOD). Most are timed workouts allowing you to compete with others who have done the same workout.

Sculptura Women’s Fitness

Aimed at women only and based around Pilates and Yoga, Sculptura offers 14 classes a week at a cost of between $110.00 – $140.00 per week.

Green Fitness

Owned by husband and wife team of Connor and Jenn Green, Green Fitness offers boot camps at a costs of $120.00 for eight classes a month.

Studio in Essence

Offering Pilates, yoga, Barre and pole dancing Studio in Essence has numerous classes and programs. Most costs between $100.00 – $130.00 per month.

With numerous fitness options for exercise classes in Halifax, there is no lack of choice or variety for every exerciser.

Devin Sherrington