Exercise, fitness and workout options in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Fitness and exercise in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia is exploding. Where once there were only a few fitness centers or gyms, and a handful or personal trainers, now there are numerous options for fitness.

With everything from big box chain gyms Goodlife fitness to the YMCA, Dartmouth Sportsplex, and Cole Harbour Place there a numerous options for the do it yourselfers who want a standard gym.

But above and beyond, other fitness studios from Core Essentials and Fitness Plus Matiral Arts and Titans have appeared offering in door boot camps and exercise classes.

There are also outdoor options for group fitness, including boot camps such as Adventure boot camp and Booty Camp Fitness for those who want to be outside for their fitness. Such boot camps are a great way to meet new friends, and challenge yourself in a fun and friendly environment.

For others who want self-directed outdoor exercise there are even outdoor gyms  set up by HRM around Dartmouth to help people become more healthy and fit. These provide a free way to workout, and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia is quickly becoming the place to be for health,and wellness options in HRM.