Eat To Get Smaller

It doesn’t sound like it makes much sense but you need to eat if you want to lose weight. Many people have a hard time with that concept but it’s true. If you’re not eating, you’re gaining fat.

This is because your body is set up for you to eat every few hours. If you don’t your blood sugar levels drop, and your body will think it’s starving. Remember your body doesn’t know you can go down the street to a Sobeys, or Supestore. It thinks you’re dying and starts taking steps to make sure that doesn’t happen.

So it begins to burn the muscle you have and store fat. The next time you eat after waiting a long time, your body takes that food and turns it into fat right away so you have something to fall back on the next time you don’t get food.

But if you eat every two to three hours something different happens. Your body sees you’re getting food and aren’t hungry. So it doesn’t turn as much of the food into fat, since it’s not in a starvation mode. Instead it uses that to help repair muscles, and get you in better shape.

Next time you think skipping some meals or not eating regularly will help you get thin, think again. If you eat more often, you’ll get in much better shape.

-Devin Sherrington