Bedford neighbourhood bootcamp; is there a better way to get fitness in the morning?

In 10 minutes this street will wake up. Sedgewick place (the name of the street) cares about getting fit, they workout. Three days a week this group pulls themselves out of bed at 6am and goes straight to bootcamp. What makes this group different? Their boot camp is right off their curb. 360Fit has been hosting a boot camp on their street for the last 3 weeks and I have been handling most of their workouts… It has been Awesome!

Here is how my day starts Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I wake up around 5am, grab a quick shower, plan my workout, hop in my car and head over to Sedgewick place.  Being up before the sun has its advantages number one being no traffic, number two no guilt about napping later. Park the car and get out to what is hopefully the sun but recently has been a mix of clouds and rain… no use in complaining though we live in Nova Scotia, I knew what I was getting into. At 6am the warm up starts, 45 minutes later I am heading back to the car usually straight home to nap (advantage of not working normal hours). Everything happens right in the street, everyone brings yoga mats, water and work ethic. This to me is the best way to start your morning.

The best solutions are the simplest ones. This neighborhood does not worry about the common excuses: I have no time, I can’t leave my kids alone (baby monitor on the street solves this problem in our boot camp), 1-1 training offsite is too expensive, I am not sure what to do when I go to the gym, the gym is boring, I don’t have anyone to go to a fitness class with. They just wake up hit a workout then start their day as normal… easy.

This group of neighbors though maybe a little bit different than your average. They know each other on a first name basis which is rare, they spend time together on the weekend which is rarer but explains the first name basis, and they actually seem to like each other this last point is critical. This has become less and less common unfortunately, but this Bedford neighborhood has found another way to stay connected. When we check Facebook and Twitter (I just got twitter might be a bit addicted at the moment) six times a day, it seems to me that we might have overlooked the simplest connection, our neighbors.

-Ben Costigan

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