360fit What Are You Willing to Give Up?

I get made fun of all the time. People see how I eat, and what I do in workouts and they say, “You are crazy! I wouldn’t eat that!”

I think its pretty funny when people make these comments. That’s because I have decided to give some things up so I can be as fit as I want to be, and look the way I want to look.

The fact of the matter is this; anything you want or choose to do requires a sacrifice of some sort.

When you choose to work to earn a living you are giving up the ability to sit home and do nothing all day, so that you can earn a living. When you decide to date or marry someone you are likely giving up the freedom to date other people.

People make these decisions and give up these things every day and never think about it twice.But then it comes to fitness and exercise and they think, “I want to be fit and look good, but I’m not willing to give up drinking several nights a week or eat junk food.”

Saying that is exactly the same as saying, “I will marry you but I want to keep sleeping with other people whenever I feel like it, and I don’t want to hear anything about me doing it!”

Now no one is going to think that makes any sense at all. In fact if someone told you that you would think they had gone crazy, but yet many people don’t see the problem with saying basically the same thing when it comes to health and fitness.

When things boil down to it if you want to be fit and healthy, you need to choose to give up some things to reach your goal. You will have the change how you eat and drink. You will have to workout and sweat.

It takes making changes in your lifestyle to get as fit as you want to be. But it is definitely worth the sacrifices you make!

Devin Sherrington is seven time Best Personal Fitness Trainer in Halifax award winner, and owner the award winning fitness studio 360fit in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He lives in Fletchers Lake with his children Reign and Journey.