360fit – Find Your Fitness Why

What’s your fitness why? That’s the question you need an answer to if you want to be successful in your health and fitness goals.

Your why is the main reason you want something. It doesn’t have to be an amazing or earth shattering why. In fact some of the simpler whys are some of the best.

When I started working out I was 14 years old. My brother had a weight bench which he gotten for Christmas and I wanted to be like my big brother Thane. It really was that simple. I felt he was cool I and wanted to be cool too.

Over time the why changed for me as it will for you. My why became about sports and girls. I liked sports and I loved girls, even though I was super shy and didn’t kiss a girl until I was 17. My why had evolved to something different than just trying to impress my older brother and emulate him.

Now that I’m older my why has changed again. Now I workout because I love the feeling of being able to do anything physically I want to do outside the gym. If I want to run, I can run. If I want to hike, or climb trees or carry my kids now that they are big, I can do those things. For me, it gives me a sense of power and confidence that I can do those things.

Now none of those reason are earth changers! Heck when I read them now they seem fairly shallow to me. But those are my whys, so as long as they mean something to me, that’s all that matters!

Think about what your why is. What is the reason you want to be fit? Is it because it makes you feel stronger, you want to live longer, you want to look better, or you just think it would be cool.

Remember there are no bad whys. They just are whys. And as long as it means something to you, that is what matters.

Spend some time thinking about what your whys are. Write them down and put them in order of most important. Then move forward on your fitness journey, keeping your why firmly in your mind.

Devin Sherrington is an award winning master personal trainer and owner of 360fit in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He lives in Fletcher’s Lake with his children Reign and Journey.