360fit Blog – Week 2 of Project Liz

I am enjoying the accountability and support at 360fit. I was able to stick to my plan last week and that made me feel proud. I was even proud of myself over the weekend when I was on a mini family vacation I still incorporated fitness by going on a family hike, doing laps in the pool and going paddle-boating.

Its proof that this whole “journey” is a lifestyle change, not just something I need to do for a few months. It was awesome being able to enjoy time outside with my family. My kids were my biggest inspiration to even start this trek.

I was the Mom who hung back and didn’t do much, I’d watch the kids play from the patio. I was a spectator in my kids lives. That was no longer okay with me.

I learned about a year and a half ago that I needed to love myself in order to love those around me. I needed to take care of me, first. I know that doesn’t sound like a “Mom”…and it was a major struggle for me. Everyone else’s needs had to come before mine. Or else I wasn’t a good Mom, right?

Wrong. And I’m glad I learned this lesson. Not taking care of me was showing my kids that I don’t matter, that taking care of your bodies isn’t important, that eating right and being active is okay for other people. I’m happy getting off the spectator bench and I’m happy with the new lessons I’m teaching my children.

If you’re a Mom, there’s a good chance you struggle with the same feelings. But I’m here to show you that YOU DO matter, that you DO deserve to take care of yourself and that you CAN do it! “Giving up is not an option”