360fit Blog – Stressed out! By Kim Boudreau Conrod​

I think the title of this blog says everything that I am feeling right now. This is a very stressful time for me as I have so much on the go. August and September are typically the busiest time of the year from me work-wise, but if that wasn’t enough, I had to sell
my house and buy another one with a closing date of August 31st!! I know…I’m insane!

The difficult part for me is that this makes it a lot harder to keep up with my exercise. I feel like as soon as my feet hit the ground in the morning until I go to bed, I am going non-stop. I haven’t been able to work out as much as I would like to these past few
weeks; and most likely for the next couple. What do I do when I can’t workout as much?

I focus on my eating. I have been watching what I eat, but also having a treat once a week. Not only am I watching what I eat but how much I am eating. Portion control is so important but even more so when you are stressed out. Many people are stress eaters – myself included! The fact that I have been able to keep that under control is a miracle alone!

When I was missing my workouts when this all started I was worrying about it constantly. I didn’t want to fall back into old routines of not going to the gym. Going back to that mindset is scary as it wasn’t a fun place to be. I really had to tell myself that
it is ok, just try to do more things in my everyday life to offset not getting the workouts in. Maybe this is walking an extra set of stairs, parking further away from the store or packing a lot of boxes! 

What I am trying to say is that life gets busy sometimes. You always do have to make time for yourself especially when it gets busy. However, that can also be out of your control; but when it is, know that you have options to keep you on track. Focus on your
food, instead of walking up the stairs run up.

It won’t stay busy all the time; things will slow down and return to normal.  To give you an update of my progress, I am down 14
pounds so far. Even when you are stressed out, success is possible!