360fit Blog – #ProjectLiz

So, ‪#‎ProjectLiz‬…What is it? Well I am honored to have the ‪#‎360fitFAM‬ rally around me and support me in my journey to weight loss. See, I’ve recently passed Part One of becoming a certified Personal Trainer and while preparing for Part Two I wanted to really focus on my own weight loss journey so that when I’ve fully certified I can hit the ground running and use my skill-set that I’ve learned during my education and from my experience to help others reach their full potential.

So, here we start #ProjectLiz and I’m super excited (and very nervous) for it to play out. I’m excited because, well let’s be honest – who doesn’t want to lose weight and have the best support guiding you there? But I’m also nervous because I don’t like to let people down, so failure is not an option! Throughout the journey I’ll be blogging every Transformation Tuesday. I promise to keep it real. Honestly, this won’t be an easy feat. I’ll be straight up with my struggles and I’ll probably gloat a little with my wins.

Yesterday was my first workout with Devin Sherrington. I programmed it, and I hated myself afterwards (and I think he did a little too). Figured I was working out with the big man himself, so I had to go hard…We went a little too hard. But it was fun. Devin is fun to work out with because he doesn’t back down from a challenge. He completed the entire workout even though I gave him some outs (and took a few outs myself). He was also super encouraging and fun to chat with, in-between heaving for air.

The workout left me more than a little sore, okay, A LOT sore, today – but today was run day. I’ll be honest, cardio and I, we don’t get along. Lugging this body anywhere at a faster than walking pace isn’t always pleasantly fun. But I’ve recognized that its necessary for me. I feel fantastic AFTER a run. So today a bunch of pals came along with me and we started a Learn to Run. I’ve done Learn to Runs before, and have worked myself up to being able to accomplish a 5k without dying. But some of my friends have never run before so we’re starting at the basics.

One thing I’ve learned thus far in my journey – starting at the basics, or starting back at Start is not a bad thing, because it means you’re getting back up and going again. And this new start means you’re starting with a little more knowledge than the last time. That’s what counts, getting back up, dusting off and going again. Giving up cannot be an option. I think that will be my motto throughout this “Giving up is NOT an option”.

I’m so excited to open up my journey for those who are interested can follow along, cheer me on, maybe relate to some of my struggles and maybe even have pointers for me as well. I love my 360fitfam you ALL are the best!

Liz Burton.