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There was a time, not too long ago, I was a one man army. I did all my bootcamps and personal training myself. The only person I had to keep an eye on was me. The only thing I needed to worry about was my clients.

These days things are a lot different! I own a gym and I have trainers who work with me, and an office manager who runs operations of the gym. It’s completely different than things were a few years ago, when I rented out gyms myself.

I have been very lucky with the trainers and staff I have! Not only have they been positive, upbeat and pleasant people, but they all bring extra ideas and plans I never would have thought of on my own!

I wanted to take a moment and say how appreciative I am of the staff I have and have had over the years at 360fit. They have kept things fresh for me, made my days enjoyable and challenged me to be a better trainer. I wish all of them were still working with me!

To Peter, Tanya, Liz, Georgie, Thomas, Guy, Emily, Amanda, Trinity, Peter, Kaley, Marion, Pat, Jason, Ben, Zach, Cindy, Julie, Jordan, Arlene, Leslie, Courteney, Tanya R, Jason, and anyone I’m forgetting (man there has been so many) I want to say thanks for making my job so much fun! You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for pouring your hearts into my baby and helping me grow my vision into a reality!

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Devin Sherrington was named #2 trainer in Canada 2015, is 8 time Best Personal Fitness Trainer Halifax award winner, and owner the award winning fitness studio 360fit in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He lives in Fletcher’s Lake with his girlfriend Lauren and children Reign and Journey.