360fit Blog – Liz Blogs on Comparisons

Well, 3wks into this journey and here’s an overview:
-down 4lbs
-stayed on track with my workout plan for 3wks
-made big strides in cleaning up my eating
-still don’t love cardio (haha)
-still smiling

One thing that I’ve learned that messes with my brain, my mood, my motivation, my efforts is….comparison!

I see others’ successes and I say “Why can’t it be that easy for me?”…”Why can they only work out a few times a week and still get wicked results?”….”Why can they still eat those things and see results”

Every Tuesday night I LOVE sitting and watching Extreme Weightloss with Chris and Heidi Powell. And I see numbers like 100lbs lost in THREE months. To which I tell myself that if I had everything done for me, the cooking, not worrying about real life, my workouts planned, my food planned (and got to stare at a shirtless Chris Powell while I worked out hahah) etc. I too could pull out results like that.

But the truth is, this is real life. Real struggles, real roadblocks, real schedules, real cravings, real temptations, real life.
While I can be inspired by others’ journeys, I’ve realized how important it is to remember this is MY journey. And it will play out the way that I make it play out. If I don’t put in the work, if I don’t make the efforts – it won’t go as I hope.

We are each unique, our bodies function differently, our schedules are unique, what is easy for me may not be easy for you and vice versa. They always say you can’t compare apples to oranges…and the grass is not always greener on the other side. I’ve needed to remind myself that as when I jealously begin to compare my journey with others around me.

So say it with me “This is my journey. I am capable. I am worthy”…Now go kill your workout and make wise choices today. 🙂