360fit Blog – Ditch the Scale


If you are looking for something to gauge your success I recommend trying some of the following:

  • MEASUREMENTS!  In order to cut down on error have the same person measure you each time.  Do measurements BIWEEKLY.  Be sure to measure in the same areas using landmarks that will not change (biceps = 6” out from shoulder cap and flexed, chest = nipples, waist = bellybutton, hips = pelvic bone, thigh = 6” down from pelvic bone and flexed).  By doing these things you will ensure that you are getting the most accurate results possible!
  • TAKE PICTURES!  I know, everyone HATES to do this when they aren’t feeling “fit”.  But trust me in saying that as time goes on and you achieve your success you will be happy that you have those “before” pictures for comparison purposes!!  Be sure to wear minimal and tight fitting clothes so that you can SEE your body…..how can you tell where you are changing if it is covered up by a baggy shirt?  And also wear the same article of clothing for the pictures, if not it can be harder to notice change or you would wonder if “those pants were tighter” and caused a muffin top where there once was none ☹
  • SET MEASURABLE GOALS!  Instead of focusing on the number on the scale aim to increase your strength on an exercise (up your weight used, or amount of reps in a set).  Aim to make something that was once HARD to achieve EASIER (like doing burpees…because we all LOVE to HATE the burpees….LOL)

Now with all of that being said, if you can step on that scale and NOT have that number affect your ability to continue down that road then HAVE AT IT!

Just know that a pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat……it’s just that the pound of muscle is going to take up less space 😉  Keep a POSITIVE outlook on your journey and you will ALWAYS find SUCCESS!!

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Arlene Brinston is a personal trainer with 360fit in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. She lives in Fall River with her husband and two children.