360fit Blog -Before, After, Before…?

I am one week into my journey and I have to say I am so proud of myself. My food
intake was very good this past week; I’m sure my body is in shock with all the healthy
food! As of yesterday I am down five pounds!! The last time I started my journey it was
just after I returned from a trip to Montreal and had a few unpleasant experiences. For
one, I couldn’t fit into the chairs at the Bell Centre! I brought home two huge bruises on
either side of my hips – no lie! I went shopping for clothes and nothing fit. It was heart
breaking. Then what really topped it off was seeing pictures. I couldn’t believe that the
person in the pictures was me. So right then and there I made the decision to get my life
back. I knew I was going to use that picture from Montreal as my before picture and I
couldn’t wait to replace it with another one. Now that I have started on my new
journey, I thought I should follow suit. So rather than take a picture of me during a time
where I was not doing something about my health, I decided to take one following my
workout on Monday with Devin and Liz. Please keep this in mind when you look at the
picture as there was no time for hair and make-up!

I know that the road ahead of me is going to be met with some bumps, turns, highs and
lows, but I am prepared to face them all. This journey is not an easy one and I am a firm
believer that we have to go through every aspect, good and bad, in order to appreciate
and respect the work it took to get you there. I will not take this second journey for
granted. I will work hard, eat healthy, sleep properly (that is a whole different blog post
right Devin!) and exercise. It is also important not to deprive yourself so I will treat
myself but will not take it to the levels I have been recently. My Mom always used to say
that moderation was the key. I hate to say it but, she was right!

After posting my first blog post last week I was overwhelmed with the comments and
emails that I received. I was floored that people who didn’t even know me where
cheering me on! Thank you so much to all of you! I do want to give a special shout out
to Haley Dollimount. She is embarking on a journey similar to mine and I know she is
going to kill it! On to my next week!