360fit Blog – Are You Paying for Nothing at Goodlife?

A few days ago, I wrote a blog called “Goodlife-Fitness the Puppy Mill of Gyms.”  As you may imagine, I got a lot of messages and comments. Some agreed wholeheartedly, while others felt I was completely off base.

I’d like to clear something up:  There are some good trainers at Goodlife Fitness, there just aren’t many. I know some of them. They know their stuff. My comments weren’t aimed at them and had nothing to do with them.

I’m concerned about all the people paying their hard earned money for personal training at Goodlife and not knowing the whole story.

As several of trainers I know who wrote me stated, there are some supposed “trainers” at Goodlife who really aren’t trainers. They are not certified. They are learning on the job and often give all their clients the same workout, no matter what their goals are.
The correct term for these people is “fitness techs”.  Often they don’t tell potential clients that they aren’t fully certified trainers, or they don’t explain the difference between a fitness tech and a certified trainer.  These people are posing as trainers, and in my opinion, that’s wrong.

I’m a professional. I take my job seriously. Yes, I love it, but it’s still work and requires professional expertise. When someone poses as a trainer at a big box gym like Goodlife (or anywhere) – and takes you on as a client while really knowing little or nothing about training, that person isn’t giving you what you paid for.  You paid for a professional, preferably with experience.  You are getting a novice with none.

It’s like you bought a brand new car. The sales guy tells you how awesome it is. It looks great and you buy it.  But when you pick it up, there’s no engine. It looks like a great car.  It’s a great deal.  But it doesn’t drive.  That’s what these “ trainers” give you.

Of course you don’t progress because your “trainer” doesn’t know what they are doing and that leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth and thousands of dollars sucked out of your pocket for nothing.  You’re paying for someone else’s tuition to learn how to be a trainer.

That’s not fair, and that’s not what fitness should be about.

If you want to earn money, there are better ways:  Go to the offline casino, or buy something frivolous.

Some people asked if I used to work at Nubodys – yes I did.  I was a good, certified trainer there.

Others mentioned that I’ve advertised for trainers and asked if anyone from Nubodys wanted to join 360fit – I did that as well. I advertised good trainers who have experience. I wasn’t looking for a warm body. I wanted passion, experience and expertise.

Some people told me I should just shut up about this.  If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all.

I understand wanting to be positive all the time.  I just don’t agree with sitting by quietly while people are being ripped off is fair. If I was going to a doctor, or hiring a mechanic or an electrician, I’d want to know if that person had the experience and knowledge I was paying for. If someone told me there was something sketchy going on, I’d thank them.

Here’s my bottom line:  I’m so certain the service I offer is better than what you are receiving I’ll make you a deal: come to 360fit and I’ll give you a full month at half price.
If at the end of that month you don’t like it, I’ll give you all your money back plus $10.00 for your trouble. There is a catch (of course) – in order to get the refund, you just have to tell me what you didn’t like so I can improve.

When was the last time Goodlife put their reputation on the line?

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Devin Sherrington was named #2 trainer in Canada 2015, is 8 time Best Personal Fitness Trainer Halifax award winner, and owner the award winning fitness studio 360fit in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He lives in Fletcher’s Lake with his girlfriend Lauren and children Reign and Journey.