360fit – Are You Picture Perfect? Devin Sherrington

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Ever compare yourself to a picture in a magazine? Ever feel like you just don’t stack up? You’re not alone. Most people do it and it makes them feel bad. But maybe it’s time to stop looking at those fake pictures.

We live in a society of people who are becoming obsessed about being thin. Hollywood celebs are getting thinner all the time. When a celebrity gains a little weight they’re criticized for being “fat”. I’ve even heard people say Mariah Carey is “thick.”

And the more we look at pictures of perfect bodies, the worse we feel. Heck, I feel that way sometimes too. I look at myself and I think, “You could be a little leaner, bigger etc.” But I want you to remember something. The people in those pictures don’t look like that in real life. They are Photoshopped to death.

Take a look at the picture above. Yep that’s me, Devin Sherrington. But also it’s lighting, angle, photo etc. When I saw that picture of me I thought, “Man I look cool! I don’t really look like that!”

When I was younger I looked at pro bodybuilders and wanted to look that way. I thought it would be cool. But since I wasn’t taking huge amounts of steroids, it wasn’t going to happen for me. Finally I just decided it was time to give up on that and change my thoughts about how I wanted to look. I changed my concept of what looks good and healthy, then I worked toward looking more like that.

And you know what? I started to feel a lot better about myself. I had a lot easier time working out. I was more confident. Changing my thoughts on what looked good had a great impact on the rest of my life.

So stop looking at pictures of people who don’t even exist outside a computer program called Photo Shop. Pick a healthy, fit body and decide you want to look that way. Then work toward it. You’ll be happy you did.

Devin Sherrington