360fit – All You Need is Patience

Patience. When it comes to fitness you need it. And you need lots of it.

The fact of the matter is that you don’t get in shape overnight, just like you don’t get out of shape overnight. It’s a process and both take time.

Usually when people decide they want to get in shape it’s a big decision. Something has triggered them and they feel now is the time. So they eat better, hire a trainer, start exercising… and nothing happens.

Every new client who does this has the same complaints. “I’m doing all the right things and I’m not losing weight.” Or “I’m doing all the right things and I can’t see a difference.”

They want results and they want them right away.

But it doesn’t happen that way. In fact nothing in life happens as soon as you make the decision. Everything takes time and patience.

I had a client recently who was complaining because she was only losing a pound a week. She was working hard, eating better and felt like it wasn’t working. It wasn’t until I pointed out that if she kept on the same track that she would lose 52 lbs in the next year that she saw how small changes equal big changes over time.

That really is the most important part of fitness. You don’t need the changes to be amazing right away or week by week. You just need small changes which add up to a big change.

So next time you feel down, or as if things aren’t changing remember that all things take time. Look at the little goals you have reach and take pride in them. You are well on your way to big changes.

Devin Sherrington is a master personal fitness trainer and owner of 360fit in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He lives in Fletcher’s Lake with his children Reign and Journey.