360fit – a fitness and exercise family

When I was approached to write a blog about our members at 360fit, the first thing that I said was that I was only good at writing when it comes from the heart. After that sentence came out of my mouth, I thought to myself, of course I could write a blog about our members because they are not only members to me, they are my friends and people I care about.

I get asked a lot what is different about 360fit compared to other gyms, and of course, I comment on how tough our classes are and how great the personal  trainers are. But when it comes to the atmosphere of the members and staff, as cliché as it may sound, we are like a little family.

We welcome in newbie’s with open arms, we support each other and push each other when it comes to reaching our own personal fitness goals regardless if it is on business hours or personal hours. I think it is safe to say the trainer’s, staff and members have all made lifetime friends; at least I know I have.

I always knew the trainer’s and members supported me too, in my own fitness goals, regardless if it’s by talking smack to me so I push myself harder than usual or just simply getting me to join them in a class.

The weekend of the Bluenose Marathon was incredible for me; the amount of support I received from our trainer’s and members was absolutely awesome! For those of you who don’t know me, I love working out, the harder the better, but I am not a runner. So when Devin Sherrington signed me up for the Bluenose 10k my first thought was how can I bail on this?

Once I got use to the idea of running the 10k my plan was to start running beforehand so I would be somewhat prepared. Well, that didn’t happen.

I can honestly say it was because of the support I received from the personal trainers and member’s of 360fit that I was able to not only finish the 10k, but finish it in not too bad of time (1:13) and if it wasn’t for them, I would have never of thought I could have done that, so thank you!

To all of the members that wished me good luck via facebook, twitter, or face to face, a big thank you!  I am always more than happy to support you all in your fitness goals, even talk a little smack so you will push yourself a little harder because I know when you do that for me it means the world.