360fit Blog – Everyone Makes Mistakes

My client came in the other day trying to mask a look of guilt. As we start warming up I ask her how her weekend went to which she blurted “Good. I ate bad, like really bad”.

I always find it amusing, especially during #ProjectMe, how I would say hello to someone and they would immediately tell me all the bad stuff they’ve consumed recently. Its like I’m a walking confession box. My client then sat back just waiting for the wrath I was about to deliver her. But that’s not what she got. Instead I simply said “Ok. That’s cool.” and continued to explain to her that nothing productive comes from beating ourselves up.

I’m not the person you should come to if you want someone to punish you for eating crap (your body will do enough of that for you). But if you want someone to help you realize that its done and over with and its not time to pick yourself up, dust off, and go again – then come confess to me. I am here to raise you up, not tear you down. No one would think its okay if a hockey coach screamed at your child because they fell on the ice, or they missed the net after their shot. So don’t do it to yourself!

Listen, we’re all going to make mistakes. I make them. Its the step you take after the mistake that is the most important. If you let your “mess up” define you then you will feel defeated and give up. And the only time I will ever be disappointed in you, is if you give up. This is real life, right! Things are going to come up, they’re going to get in the way. We want to create a new lifestyle that will help you learn new ways of coping through those rough patches, stumbling blocks, stressful times etc. BUT even when you fall the most important thing for you to do is get back up.

And I will always be there to help you up.

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Liz Burton is a Canfitpro Certified is a Personal Trainer at 360fit, in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. She lives with her husband and three children in Cole Harbour, NS. Liz has a passion for seeing people change their lives for the healthier.