360fit Blog – You Don’t Need to Fail!


So how are those New Year’s Resolutions going? This is about the time when resolutions start going to the wayside. I’m here to give you some pointers on how to keep moving forward toward those goals you’ve set for yourself in 2016 (and every year to come).


  1. Choose your goal(s): I liked using the word goal instead of resolution this year. Resolutions hold a stigmatism. Your goals need to precise. “Be kinder”, while is a very good goal – is so vague. How do you want to be kinder? Its the same for the goal to “lose weight”…well, how much weight? And by what date would you like to have lost this weight? I also encourage you to make goals that are attainable soon. Short term goals. When we reach a goal it gives us motivation to keep going. So make goals that you know you can reach, and reach soon. I also like making weekly goals, such as “increase my water intake”. That way I can feel successful and that I’ve accomplished something. these weekly goals can be small steps that lead up to the end goal.
  2. Make a game plan: We’ve all heard the adage “Fail to plan, plan to fail”. But its more than just an inspiring quote, there is a lot of truth behind it. Life comes with so many left turns, road bumps, surprises and changes that if we don’t have a plan in place it is so easy to veer off and forget what we were ever trying to accomplish to begin with. You want to lose weight? How? First step would be to find a gym, or a trainer etc. Simply stating you want to lose weight is not going to have those pounds come melting off. There is also lots of convoluted messages out there when it comes to fitness. You need to do your research and find the path most suited for you. In your plan you need to really think about the supports you need in place to reach your goal. If you’re anything like me and you need someone to hold you accountable, then at-home workouts might not be for you, or a turnkey gym that has no idea when you come workout may not be your solution. Instead finding a trainer you feel comfortable with or a program that is suited to offer support etc – they would be the plan, the direction you’d need to take.
  3. Tell Someone: Not just anyone. But someone who will hold you accountable in a loving and supportive way. We all have those people in our lives who judge our every action. Don’t tell that person. Or at least don’t use that person as your support. Because you’ll likely end up hating that person, be frustrated, stressed and run far far away from your purpose. Not only do you need to tell someone else, you need to tell yourself. Write your goals down. Post them. Post them somewhere you will see regularly. When it is in your face, there’s no ignoring it.
  4. Make decisions based on your goals: Let’s say you decide that in 2016 you are going to build a six pack. But on a daily basis chow down on a bag of chips while watching the latest Netflix sensation (#MakingAMurderer – hellooo). I’m not really sure that decision-making is going to bring you the results you desired. Clearly this was a comedic example. But I see it (and have done it myself) on a regular basis. People tell me their goals, and then make decisions that bring them farther from those goals, or choose to invest in things that have nothing to do with the goals they’ve laid out for themselves.
  5. Track your progress: And by this, i don’t just mean stepping on the scale. There are many ways to track fitness progress. Get your measurements done, take before and after photos, do a benchmark workout (or fitness assessment). Progress is progress in any form. If you are moving forward, then you can’t be moving backwards. Check in on your initial goals. Have you been accomplishing your game plan? Do your big goals need some readjusting? Have you learned something new about yourself and need to formulate a new plan to obtain your goals? Reassessment doesn’t mean failure. It means reconfiguration. You made a goal, you formulated a plan to reach that goal. But then life changed. So that plan needs to change. Regular reevaluation allows you to keep your eyes on the end goal, but make necessary changes to keep that goal attainable.


I hope these tips help you maintain the goals you’ve set out for yourself in 2016. If you need any help determining your fitness goals this year feel free to come meet with me. I will help you to get started and also stay on track. At 360fit we offer a FREE Personal Training consult. Let’s make 2016 YOUR year, together.

Liz Burton  is a  Canfitpro Certified is a Personal Trainer at 360fit, in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. She lives with her husband and three children in Cole Harbour, NS. Liz has a passion for seeing people change their lives for the healthier.