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Not Just a Consult to Sell You Something

Our 60-Minute 360° Fitness Assessment is NOT just a consult to sell you personal training. If you haven't yet, watch the video above and Arron explains everything you'll cover in your 60-minutes at 360 Fit.

NOTE: **You'll need to bring your gym clothes as there is going to be some exercise and testing portion to this assessment

During your 60-Minute Session
we will:

  • check
    Check your current blood pressure, weight, body fat % and key measurements
  • check
    Assess your current movement through a variety of exercises
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    Determine your health and fitness goals for the next 12-52 weeks
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    Develop a customized plan for how to best attain those goals

Whether you choose to work with a trainer at 360 Fit or join our gym to attend fitness classes is entirely up to you. This 60-minute session will be all about helping you determine where you are now and where you want to go with your health.

We will have recommendations on how we can help you achieve those goals at the end of the session, but if you choose NOT to work with us we'll still book you back in for a follow-up appointment in 6 weeks to see how you're doing at reaching the goals you decide want for yourself during this session.

Schedule your FREE 60-Minute 360° Fitness Assessment Today

You will need to bring your workout gear! This is not a sales pitch, but an actual Fitness assessment where we will be assessing your weight, measurements, blood pressure, body fat % and over all movement ability. This is the FIRST step to feeling better and achieving your health & fitness goals.

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