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Protein – Why You Need It, How Much you Need and Where to Get it   Protein, almost everyone who works out knows they need it, but not everyone understands why. If you've wondered WHY your body needs protein, how much protein you need based on your activity level and a few ideas on high Read the full article...
360fit Blog – You Are Not a Dog! You are not a dog. You don't need treats for good behavior. Sadly I see this way of thinking on social media all the time. It's the "I had a good workout so now I'm going to eat and or Read the full article...
360fit Blog – No Days Off I hate the #nodaysoff. It's stupid, makes no sense and makes people feel like there is something wrong with taking time off exercise. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your body is an amazing machine. It's built to move Read the full article...

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